WaterLipo Breast Enhancement


For years, women have been asking us if they can take the fat they have removed with one of our minimally invasive liposuction procedures and use it to enlarge their own breasts. Fat transfer to the face and buttocks (brazillian butt lift) are quite common but breast enlargement was, up to this point, unchartered territory. That is… until now.

The biggest challenge to breast enlargement by fat transfer is to obtain fat of high enough quality to transfer to the breasts. If the fat is not of high quality, it will not survive and the fat transfer results will not last. In fact, it could actually make the appearance of your breasts less desirable. With the invention of WaterlipoTM, we now have a tool that allows us to harvest nearly perfect fat cells that can be transferred easily to the breasts for the purpose of augmentation. Breast enhancement using water assisted liposuction has become extremely popular in Europe where it has been done for years and we are proud to have the first team of doctors in the Midwest to offer this advanced procedure to our patients in the Vegas area. This team is lead by world famous liposuction surgeon Dr. Mir Joffrey, the inventor of the WaterlipoTM technique and his team of board certified plastic surgeons who specialize in breast surgery.

Fat Transfer To The Breast

In our office, we offer two different procedures that utilize fat transfer to the breast. The first one is isolated Waterlipo fat transfer to the breast for the purpose of breast enlargement which is known as “Waterlipo breast enhancement”. Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who have enough isolated collections of fat to transfer approximately 250-300cc to each breast. A good example of someone who would fit this profile would be a woman who with disproportionate “saddle bags” that can be harvested in large volume with Waterlipo then transferred to the breast. In women who are particularly thin, there is often not enough fat to do Waterlipo breast enhancement alone. However, in order to create a more natural appearance, we can combine traditional implants along with a moderate amount of fat transfer. We refer to this procedure as the “augplus” procedure emphasizing the role of tradional augmentation with a plus (fat transfer). For women who already have breast implants, who desire a more natural appearance, fat transfer can be done to create a more natural looking (and feeling) breast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is fat transfer to the breast safe?

Absolutely. Fat transfer has been done for years in the face and to the buttocks for augmentation. Unlike implants, fat is your own tissue which naturally makes it a very safe alternative to artificial implants. Fat transfer to the breast does not negatively impact mammograms and the ability to detect breast cancer because the fat is NOT placed in the breast tissue itself where cancers appear but rather in the surrounding subcutaneous fat.

Does fat transfer to the breast last?

In the past, fat transfer to the breast has not been known to last because of the poor quality of fat in traditional liposuction techniques. However, recent studies of fat harvested with Waterlipo in Germany show a long term retention of 80% or more of fat transferred.

How much fat can be used in enhancing the breast?

Results are variable.  Waterlipo breast enhancement alone will not yield extreme changes in breast size. The average patient will gain approximately one cup size although it is not uncommon for women to see enhancement of 2 cup sizes. Waterlipo Breast Enhancement can, however, be combined with traditional breast implant augmentation to create larger changes that appear and feel more natural.

Who is a good candidate for Waterlipo Breast enhancement?

The ideal candidates for Waterlipo Breast Enhancement are those women with disproportionate areas of fat collection such as in the saddlebags. This allows for transfer of adequate volumes to the breast. For women who are very thin, a combination of traditional breast implants with fat enhancement (AugPlus), can result in a more natural appearing and natural feeling breast.

What is AugPlus?

AugPlus is an ideal procedure for women who do not have enough body fat to use in Waterlipo breast enhancement. Waterlipo breast enhancement is possible when there is an area where substantial fat can be harvested such as disproportionate thighs. In women who do not have such collections, traditional breast augmentation can be used in conjunction with small amounts of fat transfer to create a more natural appearing and natural feeling breast. This is referred to as the Augmentation Plus procedure or AugPlus.

Can AugPlus be done on women who already have breast implants?

Absolutely. Fat can be added to breasts that already have implants in order to create a more natural looking and natural feeling breast. This is particularly useful for women who have very little breast tissue and where the breast implants subsequently look “fake”.

Where can I get more information?

The best thing to do is to call 702-472-9880 and make an appointment for your free consultation with one of our surgeons.

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